Administration of justice under martial law

A full-scale Russian military invasion of Ukraine and imposition of martial law throughout the state affected the administration of justice by the courts of Ukraine.

However, even under martial law, a person’s constitutional right to judicial protection cannot be restricted.

GOLAW Partner Kateryna Manoylenko has told about how the judicial system of Ukraine works nowadays.

Compensation for damage caused by war

The damage caused by the military aggression of the Russian Federation is already estimated at billions of hryvnias. These include the destruction and damage to citizens' homes, infrastructure, offices, warehouses, and industrial premises.

Citizens and businesses have a question: who and how will compensate them for the losses?

GOLAW Counsel Kateryna Tsvetkova and GOLAW associate Anastasiia Nikolenko have told how to record the destruction or damage to property for further recovery.

The economic front: labour issues during the war

Under martial law the majority of employees are unable to go to work, many businesses and organizations do not have physical access to their offices at all. At the same time, labour legislation has not yet been adapted to martial law.

Let's take a closer look at how the employers can settle labour issues during the war.

GOLAW experts have prepared a new digest on remote work, downtime, vacations, dismissal of employees, as well as guarantees for the defenders of Ukraine.

Insolvency procedure: last changes related to quarantine

The new year 2022 from the very beginning brought changes to the legal regulation of insolvency proceedings in Ukraine – on 6 January 2022 the law which introduces a number of important clarifications, in particular, related to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the course of insolvency proceedings entered into force.

GOLAW senior associate Roman Antoniv and GOLAW associate Natalia Matviichuk have told about the main changes in insolvency proceedings.

Electronic evidence: instructions for use

The development of technology has radically changed record-keeping activities: a significant number of contracts are concluded online; calculations, correspondence, and all communication have gone “digital”.

About what evidence is electronic, how to present electronic evidence in court, as well as how to prevent the loss of electronic evidence GOLAW associate, attorney at law Anastasiia Nikolenko has told.

How to protect yourself from the dissemination of inaccurate information on social networks?

Public criticism of one or another activity on social networks has become commonplace. The desire to convey thoughts to a large number of people through social networks has taken on a unique scale.

Is it possible to protect oneself from the dissemination of inaccurate information on social media and what effective mechanisms are available to protect one’s rights GOLAW associate, attorney at law Anastasiia Klian has told.

Labour compliance: digest of recent innovations

GOLAW attorneys in partnership with UNIC prepared a digest of recent innovations in Ukrainian labour legislation.

Find out more about the most important changes in the field of labour law in 2021.

Court Index in Ukraine

On April 27, an expert event “Litigation in Ukraine: What Should Business Know?” was held where the findings of the Court Index 2020 were presented. The event was attended by representatives of business, the legal community, the High Council of Justice, and judicial staff.

When the bankrupt’s management is liable to creditors with its own property?

As a general rule, claims of the bankrupt's creditors are satisfied at the expense of the liquidation estate of the bankrupt, which, in turn, includes all the assets of the debtor. However, as it is known, the bankrupt's property is usually insufficient to discharge all its property obligations.

Roman Antoniv, a senior associate at GOLAW, attorney at law, told about the legal regulation and liability mechanisms of the bankrupt's management.

Attorney’s fees: specific aspects of compensation by court

As a general rule, the party in whose favor the case was resolved shall have the right to get compensation for the court costs at the expense of the other party to the dispute.

Kateryna Manoylenko, partner at GOLAW studied the mechanism, procedure and amount of compensation of such costs.

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